About Me

Cummins Photography

Charlene Cummins BAHons

Here’s a little bit about me,

I developed a passion for photography while studying for an arts degree at Bournemouth University. My studies gave me experience in picture composition and photographic development techniques. I left University with a BA Hons degree.

I pursued a career in the leisure entertainment industry. Rising to the position of general manager, I had the opportunity to complete and was awarded a business management degree from Loughborough University.

Although this was a very busy time for me, I maintained my interest in photography by working as an assistant to a sports journalist photographer working at sporting events. I gained invaluable digital photographic experience, by delivering instant digital photographs to sports newspapers directly from these sporting events.

Now with sound financial backing behind me, I feel that this was the ideal time to make a change from my chosen career to follow my passion for photography. With my experience in digital sporting event photography and the advances in instant digital photographic printing, it seemed a natural progression to work as an event photographer.

With my leisure entertainment, photographic experience and being a member of the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photography (SWPP), I offer a high standard of customer service to all my clients. Making them all feel special whichever event they are attending. To ensure client satisfaction, I will always work closely with my clients, to give them the best possible service.

I use the latest Mitsubishi Digital Photo Technology Click Light system at all events to deliver a “Smile- Click – Print” process to my clients. This combines the availability of a photo booth with the use of a portable studio lighting set up, and, when you build in the flexibility and customer focused attention to detail that I bring to the occasion, the results can be stunning!